The Health Concern

The Health Concern has been family owned and operated since 1971. Our motto is "Your Health is Our Concern" and we have made it our mission to educate and provide services for every customer that walks through our doors.

For nearly 40 years the Health Concern has offered the community a place to learn about their health issues, alternative medicine, and to meet new friends. We have donated resources to churches, food drives, the gay community, women's groups, animal rights groups, and so much more. We have seen over 1,200 people work at the Health Concern with 6 people having been employed by us for over 15 years .

For over 40 years The Health Concern has been a leader in many ways. 


We recognize the trials of life

  • One of the biggest problems mankind faces today and in the future is the destruction of our environment. By leading through example we hope to have a positive effect upon our community. We have instituted practices to reduce our carbon footprint and to educate our staff and customers.
  • We offer local organic produce whenever possible. If we can't get it local we don't sell it. We feel that importing produce from other countries, even if it is Organic, does not serve our planet's well being.
  • We support green business by featuring products by companies who use renewable green power to manufacture their products.
  • Waste Reduction. We offer a large number of bulk foods and compostable containers when able. In addition we recycle all plastics and paper that we use.
  • All produce clipping from the store is composted
  • All produce too "Ugly" to sell is used to augment animal feed on our personal farm.
  • We do not offer plastic grocery bags. We will offer you a free re-used box, or sell you (at cost) a re-usuable grocery bag if you don't bring your own bag.
  • We use 100% wind power to provide us with the electricity for all of our business needs
  • We compost produce clippings and other waste such as biodegradable utensils and non-recyclable paper products, diverting tons of materials from the waste stream.

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Address and hours


4318 Fitch Ave, Fullerton, Maryland 21236

Tel No.: 
(410) 828-4015


Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun CLOSED

Health Concern Directions Map

Directions: You can take the 58 or the 15 "Perry Hall" Get off at Fullerton Plaza. Walk towards the K-mart and exit the parking lot to the right. You will see a chirpractor in front of you if you are going the right direction. When you get the Chiropractor, turn left on Fitch and walk about 200'. The Heath Concern Herb and Food shop is on the left. 

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